Should you purchase VoIP from a Tier 1 or Tier 2 provider? What are the pros and cons?

When looking to buy wholesale VoIP there are many factors to consider. Many companies first consideration is the cost of the minutes themselves as this is a good gauge to determine the size of the provider you are dealing with. Other things to consider are the backbone network of the provider, the support they provide, the channel limitations, the quality of the voice, call set up time, latency, and even hidden fees.

Rate Deck Update

We have recently updated some of our rate decks please review below. If you are a new customer and would like to test please feel free to contact us at

USA Wholesale Dialer
USA Premium Dialer
USA Conversational
International Dialer

Star Communication March Specials

If you would like to test anything on the list please feel free to reach out to me directly. You can also ask questions through the chat on our website.

1. Free Hosted Vicidial. No Agent or startup costs. High quality VoIP setup included at $0.01\minute. Unlimited Agents

2. USA Dialer NPANXX 6\6 billing. Free testing and easy startup

3. Caller ID Revenue in 48 states(Local Caller ID). Improve campaign performance. CNAM dip compensation 50% total collected. Free minutes included!

4. Canada dialer available at $0.0033 with 6\6 billing increments.


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