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What is CNAM Revenue and how do I create a profit? To answer the questions simply, a CNAM is a “Caller ID name” and the revenue is created off of the outbound calls your centers already make.

On average, 7 out of 10 call centers are not familiar with CNAM Revenue which means they are not aware of the FREE revenue stream they are losing out on. Most companies who make outbound calls use a local DID (phone number) so their clientele base will recognize who is calling. Almost all VoIP providers charge monthly to buy local DIDs and even charge for inbound minutes on top of the monthly fee.

With Star Communication’s CNAM Revenue we eliminate costs for DIDs and never charge for inbound minutes. Starcom’s CNAM Revenue is so easy to use that companies don’t have to invest a single penny or change day-to-day operations. Also you KEEP their current outbound VoIP providers and hosted dialer providers. The only thing that changes is the local DID phone number they use on outbound calls. To further enhance a call center’s recognition, we also assign a CNAM of your choice to the local DIDs we supply. Studies show with an accurate Caller ID name attached to outbound DIDs, call answer rates can go up by as much as 20%! Would you answer a call from an “unknown” Caller ID name?

The real question is, how do I create a profit? It’s simple- Telephone companies, CLECs, and larger VoIP providers pay a small fee to “DIP” Caller ID name information each time one of their customers’ receive a call. A DIP is a query into the nationwide Caller ID database that verifies the current CNAM assigned to a DID number. Everytime one of your assigned DIDs is Dipped, we share 50% of the revenue we receive with you.

Here are a few pointers of our service-

· Monthly payouts

· Daily DIP reports

· Save up to 10% off of your outbound dialing

· Increase your call answer by as much as 20%

· Eliminate current DID costs

· Keep your current VoIP or Dialer Provider

· No longer call your clients with "unknown" or "unavailable"

· Zero Inbound SIP charges

· Free Hosted inbound IVR

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