Click to Call

Primary tabs

Instant and easy web configuration.

In just minutes you can embed a Click to Call link into your website, email, web form, or mobile app.

Hidden Click to Call for web form lead generation.

Do you ask your website or landing page visitors to submit their contact info into a web form? With Click to Call, you can automatically call back customers and prospects as soon as they submit the form.

Advanced phone call routing functionality.

Click to Call can route callers based on your schedule.

Complete call tracking and recording reports about each call.

Click to Call comes with complete reports about each.

Insert as a link in a web page, email, PDF, or application

You can easily use a Click to Call anywhere you can insert a link, including a website, email, PDF, social network profile and much more.

Ideal for web form verification

When visitors submit information into a web form, trigger an immediate call to verify a phone number, ask survey questions, offer an opportunity to opt-out, and much more.

Works on any website or content management system

Using Joomla, Drupal or WordPress? No matter how you’re website is built you can implement Click to Call by simply copying and pasting a few lines or code.

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