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Calling all outbound Call Centers for an important business opportunity!

Are you an outbound Call Center? Are you placing calls to the USA? If you answer yes to both of these, there is an important cost saving program Star Communications offers!

10 ways a Caller ID Revenue program can help your call center

1. Nothing to loose our program is 100% free to get started and try out.

2. Generate an additional revenue stream on your outbound calling to the USA. $1000s in commissions for most centers.

3. Improve your answer ratio on average of 21%


How Telemarketers can Increase Profits and Productivity via Hosted Dialers

Telemarketing companies that have taken advantage of hosted dialers have certainly seen an increase in productivity and sales. The efficiency of a hosted dialer converts extremely well for marketers. A hosted dialer is great for optimizing time with customers and time spent in-between customer calls. Also when it comes to Caller ID revenue (CNAM revenue) a hosted dialer is the optimal choice for increasing answer rates and maintaining compliance.

Accurate Caller ID and Call Quality

In modern day markets, accurate caller ID and call quality are key components in successful telemarketing. When it comes to consumers, anonymous numbers and poor call quality are huge turn offs from making a purchase. If you don’t treat your customers with the highest quality of professionalism they’re more likely to look past your business. Using services with high call quality and accurate caller ID can increase sales and conversions. Doing what’s best for the customer is often best for a company.

How accurate caller ID can improve answer rates and maintain compliance.

Call centers and telemarketing companies who do not use accurate caller ID on their outbound calls have negative effect on their campaigns. Studies show that callers are more likely to answer their phones if they know who is calling.

According to studies there is an increase of 40% in the contact rate when using caller ID compared to just using toll free numbers. Accurate caller ID also increases efficiency on your company’s campaign performance by saving time on calls not being answered.

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