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Caller ID Revenue SharingCNAM Revenue Sharing

Caller ID Revenue

With Star Communication's Caller ID Revenue program you can instantly add a monthly revenue stream to your business, without changing day-to-day operations or investing a single penny. Large Contact Centers qualify for significant profit sharing on each outpulsed DID assigned to your company.

Why would we pay you?

Telephone companies pay a small fee to the caller ID database providers each time they retrieve caller ID name information for the end user. The phone companies that offer caller ID service to their customers, make a query or “dip” in all the databases that hold the caller ID names and numbers. Every time we receive the query payment on one of your company's assigned DIDs, from calls made, you will receive majority percentage of the compensation.


  • Save up to 20% off of your outbound dialing
  • Keep your current VoIP or Dialer
  • No longer call your clients with "unknown" or "unavailable"
  • 100% free inbound calling path
  • Revenue paid to your company roughly 10% of your dialing costs
  • Free Hosted IVR for Do Not Call

  • Example Case

    A call center placing 3,000,000 calls per month and pays for DIDs $2\each. Improved there answering ratio and also collect an average monthly revenue of $900 along with DIDs in there areas included free.

    Example Case

    A political survey calling exclussively landlines places 10,000,000 calls per month and currently do not pay for DIDs. Now able to collect $50,000+ per year in lost revenue from the phone calls they were already placing.

    Example Case

    A private school with 10,000 students placing an average of 60,000 calls per month for notifiations. Now save an average of $360 from there yearly telecom costs for making a very minor change along with adding calling name to there important calls.

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